What I did this week (February 26)

Last week I was able to finish with the first bullet point from the list I wrote in the previous premortem.

  • Search pools and users, that implies that I need to create a way to query a regular expresion or at least the begining of one of their string properties. I also need to filter the pools by its `public` property.

This is an important functionality because now we as users are able to search for pools to participate in and search users to invite them to the pool. Right now you can query for pools by name and users by name and email, but only in the web API.

I also corrected a lot of bugs that I found, when I’m testing new functionality I find bugs in old functionality that should have been noticed before, but just because there are no tests it all depends on us to find these bugs, Marco has also found a couple of bugs when testing with android. It seems like unit tests are more and more necessary as time passes by, as it is hard to keep track of everything that I’ve written and not tested.

Estefy created the landing page. And marco is working in the mobile application.


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