What I did this week (january 15)

This week I worked in setting up the api server. As today (january 20) we have the server up and running with signup and login methods, hashing the passwords. We have mocha tests passing. We wrote the code first and then I started searching for the test framework, but from now on we will start doing test driven development. We will define all the routes we want, what they should they do and how do we expect them to behave (errors, validations, status codes, etc.).

This is the repo for the backend: https://github.com/Web-Moviles-Spring18/Web. I will change the main branch from master to develop (a new one) and tell my team to start using gitflow (maybe I’ll have to tell them to learn it first, I’ll give ’em this tutorial: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/comparing-workflows/gitflow-workflow).

We still don’t have anything for the Android app, but I really, really want to experience using kotlin.

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