Extreme Programming

Extreme programming  (XP) is a popular Agile development process at many companies and industries because it stresses customer satisfaction.

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In this process you don’t set a due date for the work, it delivers the software you need as you need it, it emphasizes teamwork, everyone is equal no matter what they do. It enables teams to be highly productive.

Agile flow chart

XP improves communication, simplicity, feedback, respect and courage in software development.

  • Simplicity: We do what is needed and asked for, but no more. take small simple steps  to our goal and mitigate failures as they happen.
  • Communication: We communicate face to face daily. We work together on everything.
  • Feedback: We demonstrate our software our software early and listen carefully and make any changes needed.
  • Respect: Everyone is an important member of the team. Everyone contributes value to the project, even if it’s simply enthusiasm.
  • Courage: We tell the truth about progress and estimates. Don’t fear anything because no one ever works alone. Adapt to changes when ever they happen.

XP tries to deliver the system to the customer as early as possible and implement changes as suggested. It has few and very simple rules to follow, that involves planning, managing, designing, coding and testing. You can see more about the rules here.

Extreme Programming flow chart


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