#WSQ10 – College Advice

The first thing caught my attention in Joel Spolsky’s post Advice for Computer Science College Students was his recommendation to learn microeconomics. Economics is surely something that I’m not interested in, but there are some subjects that everyone must learn in his life in order to be a successful person, even if you think they are boring af.

The second thing is the thing about learning to write (I already know how to write though). And he means write like being awesome writing, to caught the attention of the readers and to make it seem like what you are working on is the next revolution in technology.

The third and last thing appears (wildly) when he talks about not blowing off boring classes. Every person I’ve talked with on this subject tells me that the number that your college labels you with is not so important, if at all, for most employers, that the important thing is to connect with important people and to be recognised for your work. But now some random guy from 2005 comes out and tells me “Never underestimate how big a deal your GPA is”. That’s the real shit.


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