User story

The user Signs in or logs in and the authentication server validates the user credentials.

Then the user can access to the main menu, select a character and join a waiting room, then the game starts. When the game finishes the player can keep playing in the same room, join another room or exit the game.useCases

Project update #01

the team members are:

  • Hermes Espínola González
  • José Andrés Choza
  • Juan Salvador Fernández
  • Gerardo Cruz

The idea of the project is create a video game where the objective is fight in an arena.
Due to the fact that we don’t know anything about 3D modeling and animation, we will use creative commons assets from the unity asset store.
We have already implemented the movement of the character.


For the artificial intelligence we will be using a plugin for unity called RAIN. We are reading the documentation and trying to create our first AI character.