#WSQ04-Flipped learning / #AbolishGrades

Flipped learning, flipped classroom, whatever.

Teachers says the whole point of this is not avoid their work, but make students more independent and stop concentrating about the grades, instead start concentrating about learning, and learning is not the same as schooling, in which you memorize think for a few hours, just for the exam, and then you completely forget about it. Or so they say.

Also, the class is for doing “homework” (now known as bookwork) and when you are home, you take the lectures and learn the topics, so you can arrive to the class with doubts, and so you don’t have that doubt for several days until you see the teacher again. And that’s why it’s called flipped.

The downside of this is that the student has to be more independent and self-taught, which is a problem for many, because there is a lot of people that do no  homework and in class they only play videogames (as there are no grades). But on the long run, when students get used to it, it could be a very good teaching way, because you can learn on your own rhythm.

But honestly I don’t care that much, because, whereas you have a good teacher or not, you will learn by yourself, if you want to.

And here’s a good source that I found about flipped classroom http://www.theflippedclassroom.es

Sorry for the long post. Here’s a potato




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